OneClick BIM Implements Digital Twin Technology for India’s First Apple Store

Digital twin technology

Apple’s highly anticipated store at Maker Maxity Mall in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex has generated excitement. In 2019, OneClick BIM had the opportunity to employ the scan-to-BIM approach in order to digitize interior data.

Requirement: During the interior planning phase, architects faced the challenge of ensuring the accuracy of the layout drawings in relation to the existing structure. The Process: To address this, they proposed the utilization of the Scan to BIM methodology, which involved extracting precise measurements. The Faro Focus Plus 350 scanner captured the interior perimeter, encompassing all structural components and services. This scanning process typically takes a day to complete, as the layout is empty, simplifying the scanning services.
350 scanner captured the interior perimeter

Once the on-site team captured the data, the back-office team commenced processing, which involved registering and cleaning the data. OneClick BIM (OCB) possesses the necessary expertise and resources (tools) to swiftly convert point clouds from various platforms like Matterport, Leica, NavVis, and Faro into .rcp and .rcs formats for use in BIM software.

Level of Development

*The BIM Forum serves as a reliable guide, outlining the Level of Development (LOD) and Level of Accuracy (LOA) required to align all consultants involved in the project. It also indicates the tolerance level and the minimum achievable elements in the BIM model. The Outcome: Upon completing the BIM model, drawings were extracted and compared with the contractor’s drawings, revealing discrepancies. Following discussions, the architects decided to rely on the output from the scan to BIM model.

Scan to BIM not only assists in obtaining existing site details for new construction or fit-out processes but also offers benefits in other areas, such as structural analysis and monitoring factory unit production or energy consumption through digital twins. OneClick BIM collaborates closely with clients and partners, ensuring adherence to quality standards, reliable on-time deliveries, and high-quality work. They are interested in collaborating with partners worldwide, providing assistance through their proven workflow and methodologies. Wishing you a pleasant journey ahead.

Level of Accuracy (LOA)
350 scanner captured

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