LOA & LOD in Point Cloud to BIM

LOA & LOD in Point Cloud to BIM

Building documentation services have been provided by my company, OneClick BIM, since many years. Throughout time, I’ve realized that most clients have little or no idea how to prepare an Request for Proposal RFP or adequately explain the solutions they expect. A inadequately specified Level of Accuracy (LOA) or Level of Development (LOD) specification is usually the source of a project’s unmet expectations. As a result, anytime a correct LOA or LOD specification is not present, I am now including the #USIBD LOA Spec as well as the #BIM Forum LOD Spec in my submissions to limit my risk.

USIBD’s LOA and the BIM Forum’s LOD

Level of Accuracy is one of those ambiguous concepts that is frequently bandied about without much thought given to what it means or how to obtain it. Accuracy maybe hard to define, so most clients don’t comprehend how to correctly provide it. Because there are several techniques to documenting a building, it is necessary for the customer to have a precise specification so that the intended result may be accomplished without spending more than is essential. Also it’s crucial for the service provider to ensure that no commitments are unmet, which could lead to rework or other penalties. What does a client truly mean when he or she says a bit of accuracy is required? Is that perfect precision or originally used to refer? Without it being defined, one bidder may read it one way while someone interprets it another. Both interpretations might be correct, yet the result of their endeavor could be remarkably separate. If the client accepts the plea bargain, which was predicated on the low bidder understanding the accuracy specifications to allow for a lower cost procedure, both parties may be disappointed when they realize the genuine objective was not reached.

BIM Forum’s LOD

A Level of Development that is not well-defined might have comparable consequences. When it comes to expressing the quantitative measurements, there are several variables to consider. The number of parameters grows dramatically when the deliverables take the shape of a 3D model. With a modelling tool that tends to function horizontally, how will out-of-plumb circumstances be signified? When a LOD of 300 or higher is provided, hidden components must be declared and shown. How will the information about what is within the wall or roof component be identified if laser scanning is utilized to record the existing conditions? Is it necessary to design parametric custom families, or may modeled-in-place elements be using it? Such choices might have substantial time and financial consequences.

Like previously stated, ARC has opted to include the USIBD’s LOA Definition as well as the BIM Forum’s LOD standard right into our bids to lower our risk when dealing with a poorly defined LOA or LOD. If we’re bidding on anything, we may be quite precise about what we’ll deliver. We’ve been clear and have something to speak towards other than a bunch of verbal hand waving if that implies an interpretation of precision that leads in a reduced cost approach. Whenever we estimate a more expensive method because we feel it is necessary to satisfy the customer’s objective, we’ve provided the client a way to vet out the other offers and maintain them in check.

Being solution providers, we must take the initiative in teaching our clients about technologies like the USIBD’s LOA and the BIM Forum’s LOD that are available for defining solutions. Because when client fails to give a complete specifications, we must convey transparency in our offers. Finally, the aim is to fulfil both the project’s and the customer’s demands, limit our hazard, and ideally get a successful project as well as a satisfied client. Let’s Discuss more ! contact@oneclickbim.global +91-8788946040 We at OneClick BIM has helped dozens of Surveyors and Owners since 2015 in Developing their Raw scan data in intelligent 3D model in regions such as Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, India, and many more. If you are looking for having support in your Scan to BIM process, we will listen to your needs and provide you with end to end BIM Solutions for Surveying and contracting companies. We are there for you to support in your BIM journey. Just send an email to contact@oneclickbim.global and we will be there with you at every step holding your hands. #Scantobim #BIMdrafting #BIM and CAD #BIM Consultant #BIM Engineer #BIM Engineering Services #BIM Management #BIM Modeling outsourcing #BIM Project #BIM Project Management #CAD and Engineering #Scantocad # CAD to BIM Services #Cadscanning #The BIM Engineer #CADscan #CAD Outsourcing #Engineering And CAD Services .

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