Virtual Design and Construction

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is a process that uses digital models and simulations to improve the construction process. Here are some ways VDC can help in construction:

Improved Collaboration: VDC enables better collaboration among project stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and owners. By using digital models and simulations, everyone can have a better understanding of the project’s design, scope, and construction sequence, leading to fewer errors and miscommunications

Reduced Risks: VDC helps identify potential problems before construction begins, allowing for early detection and correction of design errors, clashes, and constructability issues. This reduces the risk of costly change orders, delays, and rework during the construction phase.

Better Visualization: VDC provides a 3D virtual model of the project that enables stakeholders to visualize the construction project more accurately. This helps in identifying potential design issues, improving communication, and enhancing overall project understanding.


Improved Cost Estimation: VDC can help contractors in creating more accurate cost estimates by providing a detailed digital model of the project. This model can be used to estimate material quantities, labor requirements, and other costs more accurately, resulting in fewer cost overruns.Improved Efficiency: VDC can help in improving the overall efficiency of the construction process by optimizing the construction sequence, reducing waste, and improving the accuracy of construction methods.

VDC helps to improve collaboration, reduce risks, better visualization, improve cost estimation, and enhance overall efficiency in construction projects.Digital models of structures and building sites are created using a technology which is called virtual design and construction (VDC). Here at OneclickBim, VDC models are used by architects, engineers, and contractors to visualise and plan building designs, processes, timelines, budgets, and other things. We make use of the VDC technology to combine 3D BIM models and other data to digitally plan out every aspect of your construction project, from cost estimation to scheduling and risk management.

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