Laser scanning or Scan to BIM

Scan to Bim : Often known as Scan-to-BIM, it is a digital planning technique that involves documenting an existing structure. A BIM model that accurately represents the “as-is” state of a real building, structure, or site is created and maintained using a high-density point cloud that 3D laser scanners acquire of the subject.

Scan to BIM


As built records are either nonexistent or fail to accurately reflect existing circumstances, resulting in too many disparities and inaccuracies compared to what has been created. Laser scanning and Scan to BIM technology was developed to address this problem. Involves documenting an existing structure. Enables to determine the exact points. As is state representation is done smoothly and efficiently. Accurate representation of the system is done. Proves to be very beneficial in restoration projects.

Laser scanning or Scan to BIM

Having exact measurements and dimensions to work with is essential for successfully developing accurate models. The precision of measurements and 3D model information in BIM projects reaches new heights with 3D laser scans. It is employed to check the accuracy of as-built models, keep track of a project’s development, build as-built models of existing structures, or supplement missing design data. By incorporating scan to BIM services, we can greatly reduce the chance of human error in as-built documentation procedures. The data is gathered over a much shorter amount of time which saves a lot of time. It enables faster information sharing which proves to be helpful in such a fast speed driven world. Teams only need to make one trip to the location to collect data.

BIM laser scanning service

A data-rich, linked, and constructible workflow is made possible via scan to BIM. Our BIM laser scanning service comes to aid here. With excellent precision and accuracy, we deliver the best output for you to judge and incorporate any changes that you may wish to make in your project. With data and connected information at the centre of the construction process, Scan to BIM is without a doubt revolutionising the way contractors work today. To get acquainted with our professionals and learn more about our ongoing projects, you may follow our LinkedIn and subscribe our YouTube channels.