MEP modelling, Coordination and digital fabrication

A suite of Workflow and Processes has been developed by OneClick BIM to attain the highest level of precision in BIM Modeling Coordination and Digital Fabrication. MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) modeling, coordination, and digital fabrication are integral parts of BIM (Building Information Modeling) services. MEP modeling involves creating a 3D virtual model of the building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The model contains information about each component’s size, location, and function, which enables engineers to design and plan the systems more accurately

MEP coordination involves ensuring that the various systems in the building work together seamlessly. By using BIM software, engineers can identify and resolve potential clashes or conflicts between the different systems before construction begins. This helps to avoid costly mistakes and delays during the construction phase.


MEP contracting makes maintaining buildings easier. MEP design service makes the operation process efficient. Sustainable design creation is achieved very quickly. MEP digital fabrication accomplishes personalized needs and regional standards. It is a very cost-effective way hence very beneficial. Digital fabrication involves the use of BIM data to create precise fabrication instructions for building components. This can include HVAC ductwork, piping, and electrical conduit. By using digital fabrication, contractors can optimize material usage, reduce waste, and improve accuracy, resulting in a more efficient construction process.

MEP modeling, coordination, and digital fabrication are crucial aspects of BIM services that enable more accurate design and planning, efficient construction, and cost savings for building projects.

We offer a high calibre quality of MEP design services, making it easy for you to understand the depth of the project. In MEP contracting, BIM can be used in a very important process called clash detection. This is one of the most important uses of BIM in the MEP design service. Before clash detection was created, there used to be such a loss of time manpower and money. In order to tackle this problem, by using BIM Services like clash detection, BIM Coordination Modelling, etc. will be significantly more cost-effective.

OneclickBIM in addition to improving output delivery and the adoption of a collaborative culture, we are one of the best BIM services in the world. BIM has numerous advantages for MEP engineers. Basic CAD software aids in intent communication and improves documentation, but BIM for MEP gives engineers access to everything needed for preserving a building’s sustainability and efficiency during building design, construction, and management.

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