Product Manufacturers

OneClick BIM offer a range of services and solutions to product manufacturers to help them leverage BIM technology in their business. Some of the common offerings include: 1. BIM Content Creation: BIM companies can create digital representations of products, known as BIM objects, that can be used in BIM models. This involves developing 3D models of products with detailed information about their specifications, dimensions, and other relevant data.

Product Manufacturers
Revit Model and Render Model

BIM Product Libraries: BIM companies can develop product libraries that include BIM objects of products from different manufacturers. This allows architects, engineers, and contractors to easily access and use these products in their BIM models.
BIM Integration: BIM companies can assist manufacturers in integrating BIM technology into their business processes. This includes developing BIM workflows for product development, design, and manufacturing.
BIM Data Management: BIM companies can provide data management services to help manufacturers organize and manage their BIM data. This includes developing data standards and guidelines, as well as implementing systems for data sharing and collaboration.
BIM Marketing: BIM companies can help manufacturers promote their products to architects, engineers, and contractors through BIM technology. This includes developing marketing materials such as BIM objects, product catalogs, and other digital content that can be used in BIM models.
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