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Revit point cloud modelling solutions

Revit point cloud modelling solutions | Scan to BIM: Laser scanning and scan to BIM were established to solve a common issue in the construction industry: as-built documents are either non-existent or fail to match present situation, result in too many discrepancies and inaccuracies in comparing to what has been generated. Traditional surveying takes far too long, is imprecise, and only catches a fraction of the data that laser scanning technology could provide. Laser scanners information is gathered from millions of points generated by high-tech 3D scanning devices that capture the precise geometry of everything else in the facility, resulting in an accurate digital representation of everything seen with the human eye.

BIM Engineering Services

Scan to FM and As-Built Modeling : Existing facilities usually lack precise As Built Drawings and Asset Records. Especially if indeed the facility has undergone a number of renovations or expansions. OCB is typically approached by the Facility Engineer for Laser Scanners and Scan to BIM model creation with 2D As Built Drawings. Having those as-built conditions documented and modelled already has a great deal of value as a guideline for future expansions. REVIT or Navisworks, on the other side, are not the appropriate equipment for utilizing those models on a daily basis during operation. End-users can quickly find a valve they need to shut down on the platform.

BIM and CAD Services
BIM Consultant
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